Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday - Meanwhile...

While everything is going on at the new building, a lot is happening at our old location.

Folks have been hard at work breaking down, packing, organizing, and staging.  It's been hot work, too, due to the current heat wave.

You wouldn't recognize the old building.  The classrooms are broken down, the shelves are in piles, and most of it is palletized.

The big move is coming...

Classroom 2.

Classroom 1.

Packing station in classroom 2.


Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday - Update

New updates!

Walls, sinks, kilns, electricity!

Who could ask for more?

In this episode: The walls are changing color, we find a free range sink, wild electrical panels are tamed, and the gas kiln finds a home.

From class 1 to 2, paint on the walls.
Sink in waiting.
Electrical panels in.
Gas kiln with hood.

Thursday - Upfit

Things are popping at the new building!

Check out these new pictures, courtesy of Max that show all kinds of good things happening.

New exit door is in the glazing area.

Sheetrock walls are up.
Looking into the entrance of class 1 & 2.

Hot water flying trapeze act.

Construction meeting space.
Will be gallery space later.


Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday - Things are moving fast

Things are shaping up nicely at the new building!

Important parts are being installed as this is being written.  Walls are going up and sheetrock is being applied to them, kilns are being moved, and air conditioning ductwork is being carefully put into place.  All these things are coming together to the point that you probably wouldn't recognize it as the same building if you toured it before the work started.

Stay tuned!  It's only going to get more exciting!

Break room with a view.

Shiny new ducts waiting for air.

The gas kiln has arrived.

The exhaust hood has made the journey.

Thanks to Max for the phine photos.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Wednesday - Construction is progressing

Walls are going up, wires are being pulled, and things are just happening!

Stay tuned...

Studio walls!

More studio walls.

New entrance near break room
and studio manager's office.

New clay storage rooms.

Mechanical (AC!) on the way.

Into the kiln room.

Power to the people.
We found clay at Clayworks!

Thanks to Max for the fine photos.